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EM in the E&P workflow

It’s only by accessing a variety of different data sources and technologies that a complete picture of the subsurface and its economic potential are developed.
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With well data often scarce, many operators today rely on structural images and elastic properties derived from seismic when evaluating prospective fields and making crucial
exploration decisions.

Yet are operators getting the necessary information on fluid content, hydrocarbon volumes and sub-salt imaging that are so important to exploration success?

EM surveys map resistive bodies in the subsurface. The larger the resistive
body, the greater the response with the electrical resistivity of the subsurface strongly correlating with the fluid content and the saturation of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

CSEM data, acquired and interpreted by market leader and first-in-EM EMGS, is a consistent, reliable but independent geophysical measurement. When integrated with other geophysical data, acoustic and otherwise, CSEM improves Probability of success and, more importantly, Probability of economic success.