It’s been over a decade since the first CSEM acquisitions were performed along 2D lines in relatively open water. Today’s CSEM acquisitions cover hundreds of square kilometers in true 3D fashion using receivers and towing systems purpose-designed for ease of handling, accuracy of deployment and efficiency in towing. 

Athough we believe that we have the best-performing source and receivers, we are constantly striving to improve our equipment, independently and through joint-industry projects.

Efficiency is also important to us and we perform onboard data processing and quality control (QC). Scale of operations is supported by our purpose-built 3D EM vessels which are designed to handle large numbers of receivers efficiently. This enables us to deploy hundreds of receivers to acquire large or detailed 3D surveys.

  • Our first-rate crews have unmatched marine CSEM operational experience.
  • All our equipment is checked before and after deployment, and is scrupulously maintained on board in state-of-the-art workshops.
  • We conduct each project in close cooperation with our customers so that we design and implement the best acquisition solution for your needs.

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