When commercialization of CSEM began, experimental sources were available but no custom source systems existed for large scale, day-to-day operation in ultra- deep water.  Our conventional source system is proven to operate stable over time, globally from tropical to arctic waters and can transmit 1200 A with a typical dipole moment of 360 kAm. The source systems are synchronized to GPS time and have an overall accuracy of ~1%.

Surface-towed source, ShelfXpress

To improve depth of investigation and bandwidth for acquisition in shallow-waters, EMGS developed a high-power, surface-towed source, with deck-mounted power electronics. The system has maximum 7200 A continuous output current with high-frequency components and dipole moment of 2,100 kAm. A horizontal electric dipole antenna is positioned using surface GPS buoys for improved accuracy. The dipole can be towed in 4 knots, and the system is efficient at water depths up to 400m, depending on the geology setting.

DeepBlue source system

The DeepBlue source system is developed by EMGS under a Joint Industry Project (JIP) and in cooperation with our sub-suppliers. DeepBlue is a deep-towed source combining innovations in subsea high-power electronics and improved navigation capable of providing an output of up to 10,000 amps that can operate in water depths up to 4,000 m. The new source can see smaller and deeper targets, while also increasing imaging confidence and resolution for targets that can already be detected with EMGS’ conventional deep-towed source system.


EMGS source systems overview (see attachment)