"The CSEM technology has been accepted by the majority of Petrobras' seismic interpreters as a helpful method to help them to explore different scenarios when dealing with alternative interpretation for ambíguous DHI. It has helped to look and re-interpret lateral extension of a given target, using the so-called horizontal pseudo-imaging or 3D/2D inversion of mCSEM. In complex lithological scenarios, within salt coverage, it helped in improving a better salt boundaries." 

- Marco Polo P. Buonora of SEG, 2013 Central & South America Honorary Lecturer

 "It really lit up across the structure, and it was then that we began to think that this could be an interesting prospect. But without the CSEM data, the prospect would probably have been rejected.”

- Tor Veggeland from Tullow, in an interview with GEO on the oil discovery Wisting

 "This is a major frontier light oil discovery for Norway, Tullow Oil and our co-venturers. The Wisting Central wildcat well has opened the Hoop-Maud Basin by proving a new shallow play in the region. This discovery also demonstrates the effectiveness of leading edge exploration techniques, pioneered by Tullow’s Norwegian exploration team, that combine shallow seismic and electromagnetic survey data in the search for oil. We look forward to pursuing the exciting exploration and appraisal follow-up arising from this breakthrough oil discovery."

- Angus McCoss, Exploration Director, Tullow Oil, press release, 6 September 2013

 "The use of electromagnetic data in combination with traditional seismic is one of the key factors behind the Skrugard and Havis-discoveries."

- Karl Johnny Hersvik, Director Research & Development, Statoil, TDN Finans, 10 January, 2012

 "Nothing motivates new technology more than drilling 1.2 km of basalt that you didn’t think was there… This makes the cost of an EM survey of USD 5 million low."

- Chevron, 2nd International CSEM Conference, 14-15 May, 2013.

 "The value of CSEM is underlined by the 2013 campaign to acquire almost three thousand square kilometres of data for Shell and affiliates in Asia. This is  step change from previous campaigns, which only covered a few hundred square kilometres and focused on individual prospects. The new data will be used to reduce the geological uncertainty for prospects in Malaysia and to establish drilling priorities in Shell’s prospect portfolio."

- Geophysical imaging” brochure, May 2014, Published by Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.

 "The results are startling, I have looked at EMGS’s inverted multi-client EM data from the Hoop area and there is simply an exceptionally good correlation between the strength and extent of observed EM anomalies and the volumes of hydrocarbons."

- Jonny Hesthammer, managing director Atlantic Petroleum, in interview with, 14 August 2014

 "Electromagnetic data also delivered near-100% success rates in predicting trap integrity and will become a key tool in the basin.”

- AllianceBernstein Exploration, in reference to the Hoop basin, Bjornoyrenna fault complex on the Loppa High and the far-Western shelf, “The Final Frontier – The Barents Sea. After 30 Years of Trying, 2013 May Have Cracked the Code”, 15 Jan 2014)