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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2012 Reserves estimation from 3D CSEM inversion for prospect risk analysis Daniel Baltar, Friedrich Roth
2012 Experience from using 3D CSEM in the Mexican deepwater exploration program.pdf Humberto Soto, José Alcocer, Daniel Baltar, Pål Gabrielsen, Valente Paramo, Friedrich Roth
2012 Integrated interpretation of CSEM anomaly on the Nordland Ridge, Norwegian Continental Shelf Stein Fanavoll, Pål Gabrielsen
2011 Sub-basalt Imaging Using Broadside CSEM Jan Petter Morten, Stein Fanavoll, Frida.M. Mrope & Anh Kiet Nguyen
2011 3D reservoir characterization of a North Sea oil field using quantitative seismic & CSEM interpretation Jan P. Morten and Friedrich Roth, EMGS, David Timko and Constantin Pacurar, Fugro-Jason, Anh K. Nguyen and Per A. Olsen, Statoil
2010 Shallow Water CSEM Using a Surface-towed Source Daniil Shantsev, Friedrich Roth, ClaudiaTwarz, Asbjørn Frisvoll and Anh Kiet Nguyen
2010 A practical example why anisotropy matters - A CSEM case study from South East Asia (copyright SEG) S. A. Mohamad, L. Lorenz, L. T. Hoong and T. K. Wei, EMGS, S. K. Chandola, N. Saadah and F. Nazihah, PETRONAS Carigali
2010 Fast-track Marine CSEM Processing and 3D Inversion Jan Petter Morten and Astrid Kornberg Bjørke
2010 Hydrocarbon reservoir thickness resolution in 3D CSEM anisotropic inversion (copyright SEG) Jan Petter Morten, Astrid Kornberg Bjørke and Anh Kiet Nguyen
2009 Enhanced subsurface response for marine CSEM surveying (copyright SEG) Frank A. Maaø and Anh Kiet Nguyen
2009 Incorporating seismic horizons in inversion of CSEM data (copyright SEG) Kristian Rymann Hansen and Rune Mittet
2009 A Modeling Study of Low-frequency CSEM in Shallow Water Michael A. Frenkel and Sofia Davydycheva
2009 Detecting low-pay reservoirs in salt provinces using 3D inversion of marine CSEM Jürgen J. Zach, Michael A. Frenkel , Anne Marit Østvedt-Ghazi, Arun Kumar and Tra Pham
2009 Salt mapping using 3D-marine CSEM surveys Jürgen J. Zach, Michael A. Frenkel, Anne Marit Østvedt-Ghazi, Stuart Goldstein, Arun Kumar and Tra Pham
2009 3D Inversion-Based Interpretation of Marine CSEM Data Jürgen J. Zach and Michael A. Frenkel
2009 CSEM data uncertainty analysis for 3D inversion (copyright SEG) Jan Petter Morten, Astrid Kornberg Bjørke and Trude Støren
2009 Importance of Azimuth Data for 3D Inversion of Marine CSEM Scanning Data Jan Petter Morten, Astrid Kornberg Bjørke, Trude Støren, Eivind Coward, Stig Arne Karlsen and Friedrich Roth
2008 Data Preprocessning and Starting Model Preparation for 3D Inversion of Marine CSEM Surveys Jürgen J. Zach, Friedrich Roth and Honglin Yuan
2008 Gradient Calculation for 3D Inversion of CSEM Data Using a Fast Finite-difference Time-domain Modelling Code Trude Støren, Jurgen J. Zach and Frank A. Maaø
2007 Inversion of marine CSEM data using up-down wavefield separation and simulated annealing (copyright: SEG) Friedrich Roth and Jürgen J. Zach
2007 Fast finite-difference time-domain modeling for marine-subsurface electromagnetic problems (copyright: SEG) Frank A. Maaø
2007 Effect of receiver density and azimuth data in grid modelling of seabed logging (copyright: SEG) Bjørn Petter Thrane, Edwin Meissner, Martin Panzner and Frank A. Maaø
2007 CMP inversion of marine CSEM data Rune Mittet, EMGS, H. Maulana, Murphy, Ketil Brauti, and Tor Arne Wicklund, EMGS
2005 A two-step approach to depth migration of low frequency electromagnetic data (Copyright SEG) Rune Mittet, Frank A. Maaø, Odd Marius Aakervik and Svein Ellingsrud
2005 Depth migration of seabed logging data Rune Mittet, Frank A. Maaø , Odd Marius Aakervik and Svein Ellingsrud
2004 Inversion of seabed-logging data acquired in shallow waters Rune Mittet, Lars Løseth and Svein Ellingsrud

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