During the last 5 years, the success rate of finding commercial volumes of hydrocarbons has decreased significantly. We believe that any technology with potential to improve the success rate will be of enormous value.

CSEM supports seismic methods in de-risking prospects
Studies made by oil companies indicate that a majority of failures are due to charge and seal. These risks are also where seismic data has the largest uncertainties and less sensitivity, when compared to trap and reservoir.

Moving up-front the prospects with the highest economic potential
Volume estimates are always subject to large uncertainties, especially where well data are sparse. CSEM anomalies, being proportional to HC volumes, will aid in reducing these uncertainties.

Position wells in the optimal location
Prospects may be rather complex, and often not obvious where to set the first well. There may be a risk of drilling outside the accumulation (e.g. paleo fluid contacts), or drilling dry fault blocks within the prospect area. CSEM data will aid positioning the first well in the right location.

CSEM is one technology with high potential of delivering value to increasing the exploration success rate.