The prospect was a structural closure, with double flat spot and AVO response derived from seismic data. The interpretation was a gas cap over an oil leg.

However, CSEM data imaged a resistive anomaly with areal extent only over the presumed gas cap.

The first well was drilled on top of the structure, and confirmed gas.

An appraisal well was drilled in order to test the assumed oil leg, which turned out to be dry, with some fizz gas, as predicted by CSEM.


Picture Mexico2


Most of the fault blocks in the licence had seismic DHI’s, but not all had a CSEM anomaly. Drilling of the different prospects confirmed that it was only the prospects with both a seismic DHI and a CSEM anomaly which were successful (Wisting and Hanssen). The Bjaaland prospect had similar seismic DHI as the other prospects but lacked a CSEM anomaly. This well turned out to contain hydrocarbon shows only.