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Date Title
07.04.2014 EMGS receives Letter of Award for 3D EM survey in North Sea
03.04.2014 Visit EMGS at the AAPG ACE
28.03.2014 EMGS showed EAGE delegates how to extract value from EM
26.03.2014 EMGS - Presentations from Capital Markets Day 2014
17.03.2014 EMGS signs contract for 3D EM acquisition in Africa
14.02.2014 EMGS receives Letter of Intent for 3D EM acquisition in Africa
12.02.2014 EMGS starts 3D multi-client EM survey US Gulf of Mexico
06.02.2014 Q4 2013 financial results released
03.02.2014 Q4 2013 webcast details
31.01.2014 Nominations in the 23rd licensing round in Norway good match for EMGS’s Barents Sea program
29.01.2014 EMGS - 3D EM contract now signed with Apache in Australia
21.01.2014 EMGS and Shell sign global framework agreement for processing and interpretation
21.01.2014 EMGS and North Energy sign agreement
23.12.2013 EMGS and TGS expand Barents Sea cooperation
23.12.2013 Multi-client sales for EMGS
18.11.2013 Study shows EM improves basalt-base & sediment imaging
14.11.2013 EMGS reports third quarter 2013 results
18.10.2013 EMGS - West Africa 3D EM contract now signed
17.10.2013 Wisting Central prospect "probably rejected" without CSEM
20.09.2013 EMGS at SEG International Exposition and Annual Meeting
13.09.2013 Letter of Intent for vessel EM Leader in West Africa
11.09.2013 Wisting Central another correct Barents Sea EM prediction
09.09.2013 Integrated resistivity data shows more of the Americas
22.08.2013 See more of Brazil with integrated resistivity data
22.08.2013 Second quarter 2013 financial results and webcast
20.08.2013 Research concludes: CSEM effective in shallow water
10.07.2013 Major contract with PEMEX now signed
27.06.2013 Third-largest contract in marine EM awarded
07.06.2013 Technical papers from EAGE
16.05.2013 First quarter financial results released
03.05.2013 EMGS signs multi-client contract worth USD 6.4 million
25.04.2013 Reducing uncertainty in Mexican deep-water exploration programme