So we can efficiently perform large and complex surveys, each of our purpose-built 3D EM vessels has the capacity to carry 200 receivers. They are also equipped with parallel source systems, including winches, cranes and hydraulic feeds, and so offer full redundancy. This minimises technical downtime and helps to reduce data delivery times.

Key features

  • Designed for safe and efficient operations, and based on more than a decade of experience from over 700 surveys and 200 vessel months across the world's mature and frontier offshore basins
  • Up to 200 receivers, which is a threefold increase in capacity, enable large and complex 3D CSEM surveys to be acquired
  • Full redundancy with two high-power source systems, including all handling equipment for reduced technical downtime
  • Extended weather window for safe and reliable operations
  • Improved endurance through increased fuel and storage capacity
  • Health and safety by design, including sheltered deck and work spaces, and automated equipment handling
  • High cruising speed and increased thruster power for faster surveys and shorter mobilisation times