Senior unsecured callable bond issue 2013/2019
ISIN NO 001 068253.7
Ticker EMGS02
Stock exchange Oslo Stock Exchange
Volume NOK 270 million
Denomination per bond NOK 1.00
Interest rate 3 months NIBOR + margin
Margin 6% per annum
Issue date 26 June 2013
Maturity date 27 June 2019
Interest payment date In arrears on 26 March, 26 June, 26 September, 26 December each year, including the maturity date
Trustee Norsk Tillitsmann ASA


EMGS issued a three year bond loan on 26 June 2013, EMGS02. In November 2015, proposed amendments to the loan agreement were approved by the bondholders. This includes, amongst others, a 3 year maturity extension, a partial buy-back to reduce the nominal outstanding and a renegotiated covenant package

The amendments to the loan agreement are described in the Amendment Agreement dated 22 December 2016 (see below under Relevant Documents).

Subsequently, EMGS02 has NOK 270 million outstanding and is due to mature on 27 June 2019.

The bond is senior unsecured debt of the issuer, ranks at least pari passu with all other obligations of the issuer and shall rank ahead of any subordinated debt.

For quotes on EMGS02 please refer to the Oslo Stock Exchange website.

Relevant documents
Registration document for NOK 350 million unsecured bond loan 2013/2016, NO 001 068253.7

Securities note and Bond Agreement for NOK 350 million unsecured bond loan 2013/2013, NO 001 068253.7

Amendment Agreement of December 2015