OSLO — EMGS won the prestigious Globetrotter award at the Golden Crown (Gullkronen 2012) ceremony held Wednesday evening at the event venue Wallmans Salonger. Commenting on the jury’s rationale for selecting EMGS as the winner, jury member Erik Wold said: “EMGS has passed the critical mass where the market has put its trust in EM as a hydrocarbon prospecting technology.”

The Golden Crown awards acknowledge exceptional achievements and performances made in the oil and gas sector in the previous year. The awards have been held annually since 2008 and are the brainchild of Rystad Energy, an Oslo-based company which provides consulting services for the oil and gas industry.

Six other companies besides EMGS shared in the crowning glory last evening; Statoil, (Explorer of the Year, Field Operator of the Year), Core Energy (Newcomer of the Year), Faroe Petroleum & Petoro  (Business Developer of the Year),  BG (Project Developer of the Year), i-Tec (New Venture of the Year) and FMC Technologies (Business Success of the Year).

The Gullkronen 2012 jury for the Globetrotter award picked EMGS as the clear winner from a shortlist including Framo Engineering, Norsafe and DOF.
Wold, head of the technology development at Rystad Energy and senior partner, said:

 “When we look for candidates for the Globetrotter award, we think of someone who has promoted technology or services developed in Norway and who has achieved success in the international market. We start out with a large number, like 50 companies. These companies come in all shapes and sizes, so we need to make an overall assessment.”

Why did EMGS, who also made the shortlist for the 2011 award, beat its contenders in this year’s round? Wold explained: “EMGS has worked internationally from the start, meaning that they had a high degree of activity outside of Norway.  They took it from a concept at the drawing board to a full-scale professional service.”

The fact that EMGS also acquired a competing company to step up capacity to serve an increasing order base and backlog, didn’t go unnoticed by the jury either.

Wold added: “The reliability of the technology has been disputed in the past, but believers (in EM technology) have now passed the point of critical mass.”

Wold emphasized just how important the contribution of EM prospecting technology has been to the oil and gas industry: “EM, in contrast to seismic techniques, actually indicates where oil and gas might be. This makes EM one of the most important technologies we have for oil and gas exploration. More and more companies are using EM, placing their faith in it, and basing their drilling decisions on it.”

According to Wold, many of the people present at the award ceremony commented that EMGS was indeed a worthy winner.

Wold concluded: “EM has come to stay and EMGS has delivered on its mission.”