Data acquisition is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2013. The 2013 program will fill in and expand the 24,000 km2 that EMGS has already covered in this region. Three focus areas have been selected (A, B and C on the below map).

BSMC2013 areas_resized_v2

Blocks within these regions will be selected and assigned priority based on client nomination and political processes. It will also be possible to nominate blocks outside of the focus areas.

EMGS’s existing 3D EM data library covers all main discoveries made so far in the Barents Sea, as well as a number of other exploration wells. All main discoveries can be identified in the data, and the match with well logs is excellent. 3D EM is therefore a powerful and proven exploration technology to be used in combination with seismic data in the Barents Sea.

Data will be available from mid-Q2 2013.

Survey parameters:

  • Receiver spacing: 3x3 km, staggered grid
  • Crossing towlines every 7.5 km


  • Basic processing:
    • Frequency domain data (HDF5, Bridge)
    • Acquisition report
  • Inversion:
    • Unconstrained, anisotropic 2.5D inversion (SEG-Y)
    • Unconstrained, anisotropic 3D inversion (SEG-Y)
    • Inversion report
    • Client workshops
  • Evaluation and interpretation (subject to client demand and input):
    • Background trend analysis
    • Lead qualification
    • Transverse resistivity estimates
    • Interpretation report
    • Client workshops


Bjørn Petter Lindhom
VP Multi-client Europe & Russia
+47 900 34 912