Improved Target Imaging with a High-power Deck-mounted CSEM Source - A Field Example from the North Sea.  F. Roth* (EMGS), J.E. Lie (Lundin), M. Panzner (EMGS) & P.T. Gabrielsen (EMGS)

Efficient 3D MT Inversion Using Finite-difference Time-domain Modelling.  S. de la Kethulle de Ryhove* (EMGS), J.P. Morten (EMGS) & K. Kumar (EMGS)

Looking Through the Haze - How CSEM can Improve Reservoir Imaging Where Seismic Struggles - A Case Study from Malaysia.  S. Chakraborty* (EMGS), M. Choo (Newfield Sarawak Malaysia Inc.) & H.T. Pedersen (EMGS)

Improved Resolution Salt Imaging from 3D CSEM Anisotropic Inversion.  J.P. Morten* (EMGS), C. Twarz (EMGS), V. Valente Ricoy-Paramo (EMGS) & S. Sun (EMGS)