Reduced number of wells

Our technology can lessen the environmental impact of drilling, by reducing the number of wells required to find and appraise hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Independent studies

Several independent studies, including studies from ExxonMobil, Apache and Woodside Energy, have examined the environmental effects of marine EM. All of these studies concluded that marine EM surveys were environmentally friendly and did not harm sea life.

Dissolvable anchors

The anchors we use to keep our receivers in place are made from an eco-friendly compound - dissolving harmlessly in the months after the receivers are lifted. This means that after a survey the concrete anchors are reduced to disaggregated sand, leaving no discernible survey footprint and no hazard to sub-sea operations or fishing.

No adverse impact on marine life

Our source is designed, and proven, to have no adverse impact on marine life.The electric fields generated by the source are comparable with the electric fields generated by colour televisions.