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Date Title
16.12.2008 EMGS launches the world's first purpose-built EM survey vessel
15.12.2008 EMGS awarded USD 7.5 million contract to perform 3D EM surveys in Malaysia
15.08.2008 EMGS completes world's largest multi-client 3D EM survey in Barents Sea
11.08.2008 EMGS awarded shallow water contract in Malaysia
06.08.2008 EMGS announces fully underwritten rights issue to raise NOK 250 million
23.06.2008 EMGS receives further industry pre-funding for the Barents Sea multi-client EM survey
11.06.2008 EMGS and Blueback Reservoir launch Bridge, an EM integration tool for Petrel
08.05.2008 EMGS receives industry pre-funding for a large multi-client EM survey in the Barents Sea
22.04.2008 EMGS awarded seabed logging contract by StatoilHydro
16.04.2008 Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA - Dutch patent dispute decision
11.03.2008 Norwegian Petroleum Society recognises EMGS founders for their contribution to international geophysics
11.03.2008 EMGS achieves 70 trillion calculations per second
14.02.2008 EMGS awarded USD 10 million scanning contract in Ghana
08.02.2008 EMGS awarded contract extension by super major
31.01.2008 EMGS and StatoilHydro collaborate to advance EM technology
24.01.2008 EMGS to perform world's largest multiclient EM scanning survey