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Date Title
19.12.2011 EMGS to mobilise the EM Leader in Asia
16.12.2011 EMGS and Schlumberger announce EM industry deal
14.12.2011 Environmental impact assessment of electromagnetic techniques
22.11.2011 3D EM industry forum success in London
17.11.2011 Third quarter results 2011
16.11.2011 EMGS announces multi-client basalt mapping survey in Norwegian Sea
10.11.2011 Presentation of EMGS's third quarter results
07.10.2011 Invitation to 3D EM Industry Forum in London
16.09.2011 EMGS awarded survey offshore Ghana
31.08.2011 EMGS announces agreement to acquire OHM
25.08.2011 EMGS awarded USD 90 million contract by Petrobras
27.06.2011 EMGS awarded Barents Sea survey by Statoil
12.05.2011 Presentation of EMGS's first quarter results
06.05.2011 EMGS wins Petronas 2011 HSE award
06.04.2011 First Break article: The future of marine CSEM
31.03.2011 World Oil article: Value creation using electromagnetic imaging
04.03.2011 EMGS extends CSEM water-depth record
03.03.2011 Job opportunity: Vacant position as HR Manager