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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2019 Building confidence in CSEM for exploration - Benchmarking Antony PRICE*, Total E&P with Claudia Twarz and Pål Gabrielsen, EMGS
2019 3D controlled-source electromagnetic imaging of gas hydrates: Insights from the Pelotas Basin offshore Brazil Raghava Tharimela, Adolpho Augustin, Marcelo Ketzer, Jose Cupertino, Dennis Miller, Adriano Viana and Kim Senger
2017 Quantitative comparison of deep-reading well resistivity to 3D CSEM at Wisting Jan Petter Morten*, EMGS, Helene Hafslund Veire and John Reidar Granli, OMV Norge, Pål T. Gabrielsen, EMGS
2017 Maturing broadband 3D CSEM for improved reservoir property prediction in the Realgrunnen Group at Wisting, Barents Sea John Reidar Granli* and Helene Hafslund Veire, OMV Norge, Pål T. Gabrielsen and Jan Petter Morten, EMGS
2017 Seismic wavepropagation concepts applied to the interpretation of marine controlled-source electromagnetics Rune Mittet∗, EMGS
2016 Background Resistivity Prediction from Seismic Velocities C. Puryear (EMGS), J. Rasmussen (EMGS), L. Sanchez (EMGS), R. Walker (BG Group), R. Reddig (Emblem Expl. Services) & L. Lorenz
2015 Many hands make light work Karyna Rodriguez, Dan Negri, Neil Dyer, Håkon T. Pedersen
2015 Sub-basalt exploration in the Kutch-Saurashtra basin using EM Deepankar Borgohain, Krishna Kumar, UG Marathe, Pradipta Mishra, Deepak Kumar
2015 A geologically constrained basis for global inversion of CSEM data using a dynamic number of parameters O.J. Skrede, J.P. Morten, L. Boman
2014 Getting a grasp on basalt Siobhan Ryan
2014 CSEM as a tool for better exploration decisions: Case studies from the Barents Sea, Norwegian Continental Shelf Stein Fanavoll, Pål T Gabrielsen, Svein Ellingsrud
2014 Sub-basalt imaging in the Faroe-Shetland Basin using CSEM&MT data to constrain the velocity model Martin Panzner et al
2014 Electro-Magnetic Sensitivity in the Bengal Basin: Implications for Exploration in Myanmar, Bangladesh and NE India Allan J Filipov, Robert Dilindi, Magne Drage
2014 Creating Exploration Success in the GoM EMGS
2014 Exploring channel reservoirs in a frontier area with regional CSEM as fluid indicator Håkon T. Pedersen, Mike Hiner
2014 Integration of seismic, CSEM and well data in the Perdido basin, Gulf of Mexico Philippe Nivlet, Luis Sanchez Perez, Jose Antonio Escalera Alcocer, Jose Trinidad Martinez Vazquez
2014 The impact of CSEM on exploration decisions and seismic: two case studies from the Barents Sea Stein Fanavoll, Pål T Gabrielsen, Svein Ellingsrud
2014 Channel play in Foz do Amazonas – exploration and reserve estimate using regional 3D CSEM Håkon T. Pedersen, Mike Hiner
2013 Looking Through the Haze - How CSEM Can Improve Reservoir Imaging where Seismic Struggles S. Chakraborty, M. Choo, H.T. Pedersen
2013 Improved Resolution Salt Imaging from 3D CSEM Anisotropic Inversion J.P. Morten, C. Twarz, V. Valente Ricoy-Paramo, S. Sun
2013 Marine CSEM in rough bathymetry Daniil Shantsev, Lina Uri, Erlend Bjørdal, Martin Hansen
2013 Offshore sub-basalt exploration using CSEM and MT Krishna Kumar, Deepankar Borgohain, Frida Mrope, Jan Petter Morten, Martin Panzner
2013 First results from a Brazilian mCSEM calibration campaign Lars Lorenz, Håkon T. Pedersen, Marco Polo Buonora
2013 Reducing uncertainty by integrating 3D CSEM in the Mexican deep-water exploration workflow (copyright First Break) Alcocer, Garcia, Soto, Baltar, Paramo, Gabrielsen, Roth
2013 Exploring frontier areas using 2D seismic and 3D CSEM data, as exemplified by multi-client data Pål T. Gabrielsen, Peter Abrahamson, Martin Panzner, Stein Fanavoll, Svein Ellingsrud
2013 Reserves estimation methods for prospect evaluation with 3D CSEM data Daniel Baltar, Friedrich Roth
2012 3D CSEM for Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Barents Sea Pål T. Gabrielsen, D.V. Shantsev, Stein Fanavoll
2012 Integrated interpretation of CSEM anomaly on the Nordland Ridge, Norwegian Continental Shelf Stein Fanavoll, Pål Gabrielsen
2012 Feasibility of electromagnetic methods for sub-basalt exploration Frida Mrope, Claudia Twarz, Stein Fanavoll, Jan Petter Morten, Anh Kiet Nguyen, Stig-Kyrre Foss, A Colpært, Jostein Herredsvela
2012 Salt flank exploration: 3D CSEM imaging in the SEAM model Krishna Kumar, Jan Petter Morten
2012 Salt flank exploration - 3D CSEM imaging in the SEAM model Jan Petter Morten, Krishna Kumar
2011 3D reservoir characterization of a North Sea oil field using quantitative seismic & CSEM interpretation Jan P. Morten and Friedrich Roth, EMGS, David Timko and Constantin Pacurar, Fugro-Jason, Anh K. Nguyen and Per A. Olsen, Statoil
2011 Anisotropic CSEM Inversion near the “Tiger” well in AC 818, Gulf of Mexico Cam Kanhalangsy, Nick Golubev, Jurgen Johann Zach, Daniel Baltar, EMGS Americas
2010 The performance of CSEM as a de-risking tool in oil and gas exploration (copyright SEG) Jonny Hesthammer and Aristofanis Stefatos, Rocksource ASA, Stein Fanavoll and Jens Danielsen, EMGS ASA
2010 CSEM Survey over the Frigg Gas Field, North Sea Mark Hamilton, EMGS, Geir Mikkelsen, Total E&P Norge, Romain Poujardieu, EMGS and A. Price, Total E&P
2010 CSEM performance in light of well results (copyright SEG) Jonny Hesthammer, Aris Stefatos and Mikhail Boulaenko, Rocksource, Stein Fanavoll and Jens Danielsen, EMGS
2010 Shallow water 3D CSEM: A case study from Malaysia (copyright SEG) Håkon Toralv Pedersen, EMGS, M. Akmal Affendi B. Adnan and Azani B. A. Manaf, Petronas
2010 False negatives and positives in the interpretation of EM data (copyright SEG) Stein Fanavoll and Jens Danielsen, EMGS ASA, Jonny Hesthammer and Aris Stefatos, Rocksource ASA
2010 Shallow Water CSEM Using a Surface-towed Source Daniil Shantsev, Friedrich Roth, ClaudiaTwarz, Asbjørn Frisvoll and Anh Kiet Nguyen
2010 A practical example why anisotropy matters - A CSEM case study from South East Asia (copyright SEG) S. A. Mohamad, L. Lorenz, L. T. Hoong and T. K. Wei, EMGS, S. K. Chandola, N. Saadah and F. Nazihah, PETRONAS Carigali
2010 Full-azimuth, anisotropic 3D EM inversion applied to a low-resistivity pay reservoir with well control (copyright SEG) D. Crider and M. Scherrer, Focus Exloration LLC, T. Pham, Jürgen J. Zach and Michael A. Frenkel, EMGS Americas
2010 3D CSEM over Frigg – dealing with cultural noise (copyright SEG) Antony Price, Total CSTJF, France, Geir Mikkelsen, Total Norge and Mark Hamilton, EMGS
2010 Geophysical issues and challenges in Malay and adjacent basins from EnP perspective Ghosh et al
2010 Controlled source electromagnetic technology and hydrocarbon exploration effiency (Copyright First Break) Stein Fanavoll, EMGS, Jonny Hesthammer, Rocksource, Jens Danielsen, EMGS and Aris Stefatos, Rocksource
2009 The role of EM rock physics and seismic data in integrated 3D CSEM data analysis (copyright SEG) I. Brevik, StatoilHydro, Pål T. Gabrielsen, Vestfonna and Jan Petter Morten, EMGS
2009 Interpreting SBL data in complex resistivity regime; integration of advanced EM- techniques (copyright SEG) Lars Lorenz and Håkon Pedersen, EMGS, Muralikrishna Akella, Anil Tyagi, Pranaya Sangvai and Rabi Bastia, Reliance Industries Ltd
2009 Prospect de-risking using CSEM Joanne Suffert and Volker Ullrich, EMGS, and Marit Tørudbakken Jendal, RWE DEA Norge
2009 Exploration case studies in mature Gulf of Mexico basins using 3D marine CSEM (copyright SEG) Honglin Yuan, Tra Pham, Jürgen J. Zach, Michael A. Frenkel and David Ridyard
2009 EM anomaly detection under a high resistive, anisotropic overburden: Inversion study from the Nucula discovery, Barents Sea Anh Kiet Nguyen, Stein Fanavoll, Kristian Rymann Hansen, Jan Petter Morten and Raghava Tharimela
2009 Detecting low-pay reservoirs in salt provinces using 3D inversion of marine CSEM Jürgen J. Zach, Michael A. Frenkel , Anne Marit Østvedt-Ghazi, Arun Kumar and Tra Pham
2009 Investigating the exploration potential for 3D CSEM using a calibration survey over the Troll field Pål Gabrielsen, Ivar Brevik, Rune Mittet, Lars O. Løseth
2007 Methane hydrates in CSEM surveys - analysis of a recent data example Jürgen J. Zach and Ketil Brauti
2007 Challenges in Shallow Water CSEM Surveying: A Case History from Southeast Asia (copyright: IPTC) S. K. Chandola, R. Karim, A. Mawarni, R. Ismail, N. Shahud, R. Rahman and P. Bernabe, PETRONAS Carigali and Ketil Brauti, EMGS
2006 Interpretation example of marine CSEM data Ståle E. Johansen and Tor Arne Wicklund, EMGS and Hans E. F. Amundsen, EPX
2006 High-resistivity anomalies at Modgunn arch in the Norwegian Sea Anwar Bhuiyan, NTNU, Tor Atle Wicklund and Ståle Johansen, EMGS
2005 EM Seabed logging on the Troll field S.E. Johnstad, and B.A. Farrelly, Hydro and C. Ringstad, EMGS
2005 Subsurface hydrocarbons detected by electromagnetic sounding S. E. Johansen, EMGS, H.E.F. Amundsen, EXP, T. Røsten, Statoil, S. Ellingsrud and T. Eidesmo, EMGS and A.H. Bhuyian, NTNU
2004 Norwegian Sea a seabed-logging case study Tor Arne Wicklund and Stein Fanavoll
2004 Remote characterisation of hydrocarbon-filled reservoirs at the Troll field by seabed logging B. Farrelly Norsk Hydro, C. Ringstad, EMGS, S.E. Johnstad, Norsk Hydro and S. Ellingsrud, EMGS
2003 A seabed logging calibration survey over the Ormen Lange gas field T. Røsten, Statoil, S. Johnstad, Norsk Hydro, S. Ellingsrud, EMGS, H.E. Amundsen, EXP, S. Johansen, EMGS and I. Brevik, Statoil
2002 Remote sensing of hydrocarbon layers by seabed logging (SBL): Results from a cruise offshore Angola S. Ellingsrud, T. Eidesmo and S. Johansen, EMGS, M.C. Sinha and L.M. MacGregor, UK, and S. Constable, U.S
2002 Seabed logging (SBL), a new method for remote and direct identification of hydrocarbon filled layers in deepwater areas T. Eidesmo, S. Ellingsrud, L. M. MacGregor, S. Constable, M. C. Sinha, S. Johansen, F. N. Kong and H. Westerdahl
First results from a Brazilian mCSEM calibration campaign Lars Lorenz, Håkon T. Pedersen, Marco Polo Buonora

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