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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2016 CSEM anomaly identification Neville Barker, Daniel Baltar
2015 Prospectivity evaluation with 3D CSEM Daniel Baltar and Neville D. Barker
2014 The impact of CSEM on exploration decisions and seismic: two case studies from the Barents Sea Stein Fanavoll, Pål T Gabrielsen, Svein Ellingsrud
2014 Channel play in Foz do Amazonas – exploration and reserve estimate using regional 3D CSEM Håkon T. Pedersen, Mike Hiner
2013 Reducing uncertainty by integrating 3D CSEM in the Mexican deep-water exploration workflow (copyright First Break) Alcocer, Garcia, Soto, Baltar, Paramo, Gabrielsen, Roth
2013 Exploring frontier areas using 2D seismic and 3D CSEM data, as exemplified by multi-client data Pål T. Gabrielsen, Peter Abrahamson, Martin Panzner, Stein Fanavoll, Svein Ellingsrud
2013 Reserves estimation methods for prospect evaluation with 3D CSEM data Daniel Baltar, Friedrich Roth
2012 Exploration with the use of EM data in the Barents Sea Stein Fanavoll, Svein Ellingsrud, Pål T. Gabrielsen, Raghava Tharimela, Dave Ridyard
2011 The future of Marine CSEM (Copyright First Break) Roar Bekker and Jens Danielsen
2010 Controlled source electromagnetic technology and hydrocarbon exploration effiency (Copyright First Break) Stein Fanavoll, EMGS, Jonny Hesthammer, Rocksource, Jens Danielsen, EMGS and Aris Stefatos, Rocksource
2009 Marine CSEM technology performance in hydrocarbon exploration - limitations or opportunities? Aristofanis Stefatos, Mikhail Boulaenko and Jonny Hesthammer, Rocksource
2009 Investigating the exploration potential for 3D CSEM using a calibration survey over the Troll field Pål Gabrielsen, Ivar Brevik, Rune Mittet, Lars O. Løseth
2008 Normalized amplitude ratios for frequency-domain CSEM in very shallow water Rune Mittet
2008 CMP inversion and post-inversion modelling for marine CSEM data Rune Mittet, Ketil Brauti, Herry Maulana and Tor Atle Wicklund
2008 How EM survey analysis validates current technology, processing and interpretation methodology Ståle Johansen, Kjetil Brauti, Stein Fanavoll, et.al
2006 High-resistivity anomalies at Modgunn arch in the Norwegian Sea Anwar Bhuiyan, NTNU, Tor Atle Wicklund and Ståle Johansen, EMGS
2006 Scanning moves seabed logging from risk reduction to opportunity creation David Ridyard, Tor Atle Wicklund and Bjørn Petter Lindhom
2005 Subsurface hydrocarbons detected by electromagnetic sounding S. E. Johansen, EMGS, H.E.F. Amundsen, EXP, T. Røsten, Statoil, S. Ellingsrud and T. Eidesmo, EMGS and A.H. Bhuyian, NTNU
2002 Seabed logging (SBL), a new method for remote and direct identification of hydrocarbon filled layers in deepwater areas T. Eidesmo, S. Ellingsrud, L. M. MacGregor, S. Constable, M. C. Sinha, S. Johansen, F. N. Kong and H. Westerdahl

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