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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2016 A modeling study of augmenting coarse-grid 3D CSEM with data from a towed receiver array Jan Petter Morten, Jean-Michael Poudroux, Rune Mittet
2016 Integrated seismic and electromagnetic model building applied to improve subbasalt depth imaging in the Faroe-Shetland basin Martin Panzner, Jan Petter Morten, Wiktor Waldemar Weibull, Børge Arntsen
2016 A low-rank approximation for large-scale 3D controlled-source Manuel Amaya, Jan Petter Morten, Linus Boman
2015 Seismic wave propagation concepts applied to the interpretation of marine controlled-source electromagnetics Rune Mittet
2014 3D marine magnetotelluric modeling and inversion with the finite-difference time-domain method Sébastien de la Kethulle de Ryhove, Rune Mittet
2014 Fast multimodel finite-difference controlled-source electromagnetic simulations based on a Schur complement approach Piyoosh Jaysaval, Daniil Shantsev, Sébastien de la Kethulle de Ryhove
2013 The marine controlled-source electromagnetic method in shallow water (copyright Geophysics) Rune Mittet, Jan Petter Morten
2013 Decomposition in upgoing and downgoing fields and inversion of marine CSEM data Rune Mittet, Pål Gabrielsen
2012 Detection and imaging sensitivity of the marine CSEM method Rune Mittet, Jan Petter Morten
2010 High-order finite-difference simulations of marine CSEM surveys using a correspondence principle for wave and diffusion fields Rune Mittet
2010 Enhanced subsurface response for marine CSEM surveying Frank A. Maaø, Anh Kiet Nguyen
2009 Casing effects in the sea-to-borehole electromagnetic method F. N. Kong , F. Roth, P. A. Olsen and S. O. Stalheim
2008 Shaping optimal transmitter waveforms for marine CSEM surveys (copyright: SEG) Rune Mittet and Tor Schaug-Pettersen
2007 On the orientation and absolute phase of marine CSEM receivers Rune Mittet, Odd Marius Aakervik, Hans Roger Jensen, Svein Ellingsrud, EMGS and Alexey Stovas, NTNU
2007 Fast finite-difference time-domain modeling for marine-subsurface electromagnetic problems (copyright: SEG) Frank A. Maaø
2006 Low-frequency electromagnetic fields in applied geophysics: waves or diffusion? Lars O. Løseth, Hans M. Pedersen and Bjørn Ursin, NTNU, Lasse Amundsen, Statoil Research Center and Svein Ellingsrud, EMGS
2006 Decomposition of electromagnetic fields into upgoing and downgoing components Lasse Amundsen, Statoil, Lars Løseth, NTNU, Rune Mittet and Svein Ellingsrud, EMGS and Bjørn Ursin, NTNU

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