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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2019 Efficient use of sparsity by direct solvers applied to 3D CSEM problems Patrick R. Amestoy, Sebastien de la Kethulle de Ryhove, Jean-Yves L`Excellent, Gilles Moreau, Daniil Shantsev
2012 3D CSEM for Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Barents Sea Pål T. Gabrielsen, D.V. Shantsev, Stein Fanavoll
2011 Low Noise Ag/AgCl Electric Field Sensor System for Marine CSEM and MT Applications Geir B. Havsgård, Hans R. Jensen, Alexander Kurrasch (EMGS), Howard Jones, Paul Austin, Andrew Thompson (Ultra Electronics PMES)
2010 How seabed logging is reducing risk today and creating opportunities tomorrow David Ridyard
2009 Salt mapping using 3D-marine CSEM surveys Jürgen J. Zach, Michael A. Frenkel, Anne Marit Østvedt-Ghazi, Stuart Goldstein, Arun Kumar and Tra Pham
2009 3D Inversion-Based Interpretation of Marine CSEM Data Jürgen J. Zach and Michael A. Frenkel
2009 Marine CSEM methods for 3D hydrocarbon field mapping and monitoring Jürgen J. Zach, Michael A. Frenkel, Anne-Marit Østvedt-Ghazi, Patricia de Lugao and David Ridyard
2008 Integrated EM system boosts the search for hydrocarbons Ken Feather, EMGS
2008 Electromagnetic prospect scanning - seabed logging moves from risk reduction to value creation Bjørn Petter Lindom, Jan Erik Lie and David Ridyard
2008 Application of electromagnetic scanning to an Australian frontier basin with complex bathymetry F. Roth, DS Monk, C Twarz, J Ross
2007 Seabed surveyors break new ground Andrew McBarnet, Asian Oil & Gas
2007 Seabed Logging – A Proven Tool for Offshore Exploration and Development David Ridyard, EMGS
2007 CMP inversion of marine CSEM data Rune Mittet, EMGS, H. Maulana, Murphy, Ketil Brauti, and Tor Arne Wicklund, EMGS
2007 Azimuth decomposition of seabed logging data Frank A. Maaø, EMGS, S. E. Johnstad, Hydro O&E, Pål T. Gabrielsen and Martin Panzner, EMGS
2007 Methane hydrates in CSEM surveys - analysis of a recent data example Jürgen J. Zach and Ketil Brauti
2007 Improving seabed logging sensitivity in shallow water through up-down separation Friedrich Roth and Frank A. Maaø
2007 The rapid adoption of Seabed Logging Interview with Ken Feather, EMGS
2007 Challenges in Shallow Water CSEM Surveying: A Case History from Southeast Asia (copyright: IPTC) S. K. Chandola, R. Karim, A. Mawarni, R. Ismail, N. Shahud, R. Rahman and P. Bernabe, PETRONAS Carigali and Ketil Brauti, EMGS
2007 Deep electromagnetic imaging Ken Feather, EMGS
2006 Finding oil and gas beneath the seabed
2006 - Det største siden 1920-tallet (Norwegian only) Morten J. Mellby, Kapital
2006 Sea of change Interview with David Ridyard, EMGS, David Monk, SEG and Eivind Berg, SINTEF
2006 Seabed Logging. It’s All about Finding Hydrocarbons Interview with David Ridyard
2005 Seabed logging heads advances in long-offset electromagnetic surveying Terje Eidesmo, Svein Ellingsrud, Ståle E. Johansen and Rune Mittet
2004 An exploration renaissance
2003 Innertier for elektromagnetisme (Norwegian only) Halfdan Carstens, GEO
2002 Ny teknologi revolusjonerer oljeleting: Påviser hydrokarboner før boring (Norwegian only) Halfdan Carstens, GEO
2002 'Seabed Logging': A possible direct hydrocarbon indicator for deepsea prospects using EM energy F.N Kong and H. Westerdahl, NGI and S. Ellingsrud, T. Eidesmo and S. Johansen, EMGS
2002 Waves of Information Åse P. Thirud, Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine

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