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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2002 Remote sensing of hydrocarbon layers by seabed logging (SBL): Results from a cruise offshore Angola S. Ellingsrud, T. Eidesmo and S. Johansen, EMGS, M.C. Sinha and L.M. MacGregor, UK, and S. Constable, U.S
2002 Ny teknologi revolusjonerer oljeleting: Påviser hydrokarboner før boring (Norwegian only) Halfdan Carstens, GEO
2002 'Seabed Logging': A possible direct hydrocarbon indicator for deepsea prospects using EM energy F.N Kong and H. Westerdahl, NGI and S. Ellingsrud, T. Eidesmo and S. Johansen, EMGS
2002 Waves of Information Åse P. Thirud, Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine
2002 Seabed logging (SBL), a new method for remote and direct identification of hydrocarbon filled layers in deepwater areas T. Eidesmo, S. Ellingsrud, L. M. MacGregor, S. Constable, M. C. Sinha, S. Johansen, F. N. Kong and H. Westerdahl

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