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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2006 Low-frequency electromagnetic fields in applied geophysics: waves or diffusion? Lars O. Løseth, Hans M. Pedersen and Bjørn Ursin, NTNU, Lasse Amundsen, Statoil Research Center and Svein Ellingsrud, EMGS
2006 Interpretation example of marine CSEM data Ståle E. Johansen and Tor Arne Wicklund, EMGS and Hans E. F. Amundsen, EPX
2006 Decomposition of electromagnetic fields into upgoing and downgoing components Lasse Amundsen, Statoil, Lars Løseth, NTNU, Rune Mittet and Svein Ellingsrud, EMGS and Bjørn Ursin, NTNU
2006 Towards a new era Halfdan Carstens, GEO ExPro
2006 Experience is crucial to expanding CSEM use Dirk Smit and Paul R. Wood, Shell International Exploration and Production
2006 Seabed Logging wins industry vote
2006 Watching technologies emerge Rhonda Duey, E&P
2006 Finding oil and gas beneath the seabed
2006 - Det største siden 1920-tallet (Norwegian only) Morten J. Mellby, Kapital
2006 Sea of change Interview with David Ridyard, EMGS, David Monk, SEG and Eivind Berg, SINTEF
2006 Seabed Logging. It’s All about Finding Hydrocarbons Interview with David Ridyard
2006 High-resistivity anomalies at Modgunn arch in the Norwegian Sea Anwar Bhuiyan, NTNU, Tor Atle Wicklund and Ståle Johansen, EMGS
2006 Scanning moves seabed logging from risk reduction to opportunity creation David Ridyard, Tor Atle Wicklund and Bjørn Petter Lindhom

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