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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2007 Inversion of marine CSEM data using up-down wavefield separation and simulated annealing (copyright: SEG) Friedrich Roth and Jürgen J. Zach
2007 Shaping optimal transmitter waveforms for marine CSEM surveys (copyright: SEG) Rune Mittet and Tor Schaug-Pettersen
2007 On the orientation and absolute phase of marine CSEM receivers Rune Mittet, Odd Marius Aakervik, Hans Roger Jensen, Svein Ellingsrud, EMGS and Alexey Stovas, NTNU
2007 Fast finite-difference time-domain modeling for marine-subsurface electromagnetic problems (copyright: SEG) Frank A. Maaø
2007 Effect of receiver density and azimuth data in grid modelling of seabed logging (copyright: SEG) Bjørn Petter Thrane, Edwin Meissner, Martin Panzner and Frank A. Maaø
2007 The Luva Gas Field: Detailed Analyses Reveal Subtle Anomaly Halfdan Carstens, GEO ExPro
2007 Seabed surveyors break new ground Andrew McBarnet, Asian Oil & Gas
2007 Seabed Logging – A Proven Tool for Offshore Exploration and Development David Ridyard, EMGS
2007 CMP inversion of marine CSEM data Rune Mittet, EMGS, H. Maulana, Murphy, Ketil Brauti, and Tor Arne Wicklund, EMGS
2007 Azimuth decomposition of seabed logging data Frank A. Maaø, EMGS, S. E. Johnstad, Hydro O&E, Pål T. Gabrielsen and Martin Panzner, EMGS
2007 Methane hydrates in CSEM surveys - analysis of a recent data example Jürgen J. Zach and Ketil Brauti
2007 Improving seabed logging sensitivity in shallow water through up-down separation Friedrich Roth and Frank A. Maaø
2007 The rapid adoption of Seabed Logging Interview with Ken Feather, EMGS
2007 Challenges in Shallow Water CSEM Surveying: A Case History from Southeast Asia (copyright: IPTC) S. K. Chandola, R. Karim, A. Mawarni, R. Ismail, N. Shahud, R. Rahman and P. Bernabe, PETRONAS Carigali and Ketil Brauti, EMGS
2007 Deep electromagnetic imaging Ken Feather, EMGS

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