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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2008 Shaping optimal transmitter waveforms for marine CSEM surveys (copyright: SEG) Rune Mittet and Tor Schaug-Pettersen
2008 Planning Time-lapse CSEM-surveys for Joint Seismic-EM Monitoring of Geological Carbon Dioxide Injection T. Norman, NTNU, H. Alnes, StatoilHydro, O. Christensen, J.J. Zach, EMGS, O. Eiken, StatoilHydro and E. Tjåland, NTNU
2008 Seabed logging acquisition as a tool in exploration decision-making (copyright: SEG) J. Mohr, C. Guargena and S. Sorensen, Aker Exploration ASA, Ole Christensen and Bi Trah Lucien Tah, EMGS
2008 Laws of Attraction Interview with J. Hesthammer, Rocksource, J. Christiansen, TGS-NOPEC, K. Feather, EMGS, A. Overton, OHM, et.al
2008 Integrated EM system boosts the search for hydrocarbons Ken Feather, EMGS
2008 Electromagnetic prospect scanning - seabed logging moves from risk reduction to value creation Bjørn Petter Lindom, Jan Erik Lie and David Ridyard
2008 On the Removal of MT Signals from SBL Data Sebastien de la Kethulle de Ryhove, Frank Maaø
2008 Data Preprocessning and Starting Model Preparation for 3D Inversion of Marine CSEM Surveys Jürgen J. Zach, Friedrich Roth and Honglin Yuan
2008 Gradient Calculation for 3D Inversion of CSEM Data Using a Fast Finite-difference Time-domain Modelling Code Trude Støren, Jurgen J. Zach and Frank A. Maaø
2008 Application of electromagnetic scanning to an Australian frontier basin with complex bathymetry F. Roth, DS Monk, C Twarz, J Ross
2008 Normalized amplitude ratios for frequency-domain CSEM in very shallow water Rune Mittet
2008 CMP inversion and post-inversion modelling for marine CSEM data Rune Mittet, Ketil Brauti, Herry Maulana and Tor Atle Wicklund
2008 How EM survey analysis validates current technology, processing and interpretation methodology Ståle Johansen, Kjetil Brauti, Stein Fanavoll, et.al

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