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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2010 The performance of CSEM as a de-risking tool in oil and gas exploration (copyright SEG) Jonny Hesthammer and Aristofanis Stefatos, Rocksource ASA, Stein Fanavoll and Jens Danielsen, EMGS ASA
2010 CSEM Survey over the Frigg Gas Field, North Sea Mark Hamilton, EMGS, Geir Mikkelsen, Total E&P Norge, Romain Poujardieu, EMGS and A. Price, Total E&P
2010 CSEM performance in light of well results (copyright SEG) Jonny Hesthammer, Aris Stefatos and Mikhail Boulaenko, Rocksource, Stein Fanavoll and Jens Danielsen, EMGS
2010 Shallow water 3D CSEM: A case study from Malaysia (copyright SEG) Håkon Toralv Pedersen, EMGS, M. Akmal Affendi B. Adnan and Azani B. A. Manaf, Petronas
2010 High-order finite-difference simulations of marine CSEM surveys using a correspondence principle for wave and diffusion fields Rune Mittet
2010 False negatives and positives in the interpretation of EM data (copyright SEG) Stein Fanavoll and Jens Danielsen, EMGS ASA, Jonny Hesthammer and Aris Stefatos, Rocksource ASA
2010 Shallow Water CSEM Using a Surface-towed Source Daniil Shantsev, Friedrich Roth, ClaudiaTwarz, Asbjørn Frisvoll and Anh Kiet Nguyen
2010 A practical example why anisotropy matters - A CSEM case study from South East Asia (copyright SEG) S. A. Mohamad, L. Lorenz, L. T. Hoong and T. K. Wei, EMGS, S. K. Chandola, N. Saadah and F. Nazihah, PETRONAS Carigali
2010 Full-azimuth, anisotropic 3D EM inversion applied to a low-resistivity pay reservoir with well control (copyright SEG) D. Crider and M. Scherrer, Focus Exloration LLC, T. Pham, Jürgen J. Zach and Michael A. Frenkel, EMGS Americas
2010 3D CSEM over Frigg – dealing with cultural noise (copyright SEG) Antony Price, Total CSTJF, France, Geir Mikkelsen, Total Norge and Mark Hamilton, EMGS
2010 How seabed logging is reducing risk today and creating opportunities tomorrow David Ridyard
2010 Fast-track Marine CSEM Processing and 3D Inversion Jan Petter Morten and Astrid Kornberg Bjørke
2010 Hydrocarbon reservoir thickness resolution in 3D CSEM anisotropic inversion (copyright SEG) Jan Petter Morten, Astrid Kornberg Bjørke and Anh Kiet Nguyen
2010 Enhanced subsurface response for marine CSEM surveying Frank A. Maaø, Anh Kiet Nguyen
2010 Geophysical issues and challenges in Malay and adjacent basins from EnP perspective Ghosh et al
2010 Controlled source electromagnetic technology and hydrocarbon exploration effiency (Copyright First Break) Stein Fanavoll, EMGS, Jonny Hesthammer, Rocksource, Jens Danielsen, EMGS and Aris Stefatos, Rocksource

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