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Technical articles

Our clients and EMGS employees have published many technical papers since 2002.
Year Title Author
2016 An Electrical Rock Physics Framework Daniel Baltar, Neville Barker, EMGS; Matthew Carr, Christopher Schidt, QI Petrophysics
2016 A modeling study of augmenting coarse-grid 3D CSEM with data from a towed receiver array Jan Petter Morten, Jean-Michael Poudroux, Rune Mittet
2016 Integrated seismic and electromagnetic model building applied to improve subbasalt depth imaging in the Faroe-Shetland basin Martin Panzner, Jan Petter Morten, Wiktor Waldemar Weibull, Børge Arntsen
2016 3D CSEM data inversion using Newton and Halley class methods Manuel Amaya, K.R. Hansen, Jan Petter Morten
2016 A low-rank approximation for large-scale 3D controlled-source Manuel Amaya, Jan Petter Morten, Linus Boman
2016 Background Resistivity Prediction from Seismic Velocities C. Puryear (EMGS), J. Rasmussen (EMGS), L. Sanchez (EMGS), R. Walker (BG Group), R. Reddig (Emblem Expl. Services) & L. Lorenz
2016 MT Noise Suppression for Marine CSEM Data K.R. Hansen (EMGS ASA), V. Markhus (EMGS ASA) & R.Mittet (EMGS ASA)
2016 Fully anisotropic 3-D EM modelling on a Lebedev grid with a multigrid pre-conditioner Piyoosh Jaysaval, Daniil V. Shantsev, Sebastien de la Kethulle de Ryhove and Tarjei Bratteland
2016 Full-Jacobian Gauss-Newton 3D marine magnetotelluric inversion S´ebastien de la Kethulle de Ryhove, Rune Mittet
2016 TTI inversion of marine CSEM data K. R. Hansen, M. Panzner, D. Shantsev, R. Mittet
2016 Comparing large-scale 3D Gauss-Newton and BFGS CSEM inversions K.Nguyen(Statoil), J.I. Nordskag(Statoil), T. Wiik(Statoil), A.K.Bjørke, L.Boman, O.M.Pedersen, J.Robaudo, R.Mittet
2016 CSEM anomaly identification Neville Barker, Daniel Baltar

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